Current/Expected Puppies

We have had all of of breeding plans on hold for the last few months. I felt it was too risky to do a breeding when I may not be able to get the vet care the mother and puppies would need. I also feel that early socializing is so important for young puppies. With the COVID social distancing all puppy classes we’re cancelled.

It looks like things are starting to loosen up and I am thinking of breeding Freya the next time she comes into season. I think that will be around September so I am looking forward to puppies a couple months after.


Happy Ever After!!!

I wanted to give a little update on these wonderful puppies. They have all joined their amazing families and are so happy and loved. I want to thank my amazing puppy families for giving them all the very best life 💕💕💕

And then there were 4!!!

Only 4 girls left here at home now. Auntie Freya is having lots of fun with them. Dakota and Frankie fly out to their families on Wednesday.

8 Weeks

The pups had a big dAy for their 8 week birthday. They got their microchips, vaccinations and all got great health checks. Then we spent the afternoon with Maureen while she examined them all. We are both so pleased with this litter. It was so wonderful spending time with Maureen as it always is 💕💕💕

Check out the puppies in the snow. An Alaskan Malamute loves nothing more than snow. 😍

7 Weeks and experiencing truck rides and visiting new people. Having fun in the snow and bringing me joy everyday.

6 weeks

First time outside playing!

5 weeks!!!

4 1/2 weeks. I tried to get everyone in a little video.

On New Year’s Eve they turned four weeks old.

Everyone is eating a kibble nash now a few times a day. Momma Teddi is still nursing but not as much so we can start weaning them a bit. Litter training has started and some are taking to it faster than others. I can spend hours watching them play.

Pups are three weeks and getting to spend time with my grand daughter. They all loved her!!!

Puppies are 2 Days Old!

I think I am going to call this my Winter Storm litter!  The snow really started coming down as soon as they started to arrive on December 3.  It was beautiful when I looked up from the whelping box and told Teddi about it.  Finn has been on constant daddy duties always close by.


December 3, 2019

Stay tuned for pictures!

adjusted T&F breeding

Our hopes are to breed Teddi and Finn in the spring….Stay tuned 🙂

Already 7 weeks old!!!

The time goes by so fast!  These guys have been so much fun this week.  We have started introducing them to a number of new locations, people and animals.  They are all very outgoing and curious.

The Pups are 6 weeks old now!!!!

They are growing so fast!  Today they got to enjoy a snow storm and were playing outside with new friends that came to visit.  My grand daughter has been visiting and I am so pleased they are all so comfortable with children.  She is very gentel with them and they are very good with her.


The following are a few pictures of the new pups at 1 week old 🙂

blue boy from laurie

BLUE BOY 1 week



red boy from laurie


yellow boy from laurie

cropped-dscf3924.jpgWe are excited to announce the successful breeding between Gr Ch. Keikewabic Nanuke and Ch. Sanekats Regina Big Boy SUKA who is owned by Maureen Andersen from Keikewabic Kennels.  This is a repeat breeding and I we are so excited because the first breeding produced our beautiful Gr Ch. TyOhni’s Keikewabic Yuki and many other wonderful dogs.   Pups will be due around Valentines Day 2018001