Current/Expected Puppies

Puppies are 2 Days Old!

I think I am going to call this my Winter Storm litter!  The snow really started coming down as soon as they started to arrive on December 3.  It was beautiful when I looked up from the whelping box and told Teddi about it.  Finn has been on constant daddy duties always close by.


December 3, 2019

Stay tuned for pictures!

adjusted T&F breeding

Our hopes are to breed Teddi and Finn in the spring….Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

Already 7 weeks old!!!

The time goes by so fast!  These guys have been so much fun this week.  We have started introducing them to a number of new locations, people and animals.  They are all very outgoing and curious.

The Pups are 6 weeks old now!!!!

They are growing so fast!  Today they got to enjoy a snow storm and were playing outside with new friends that came to visit.  My grand daughter has been visiting and I am so pleased they are all so comfortable with children.  She is very gentel with them and they are very good with her.


The following are a few pictures of the new pups at 1 week old ๐Ÿ™‚

blue boy from laurie

BLUE BOY 1 week



red boy from laurie


yellow boy from laurie

cropped-dscf3924.jpgWe are excited to announce the successful breeding between Gr Ch. Keikewabic Nanuke and Ch. Sanekats Regina Big Boy SUKA who is owned by Maureen Andersen from Keikewabic Kennels.  This is a repeat breeding and I we are so excited because the first breeding produced our beautiful Gr Ch. TyOhni’s Keikewabic Yuki and many other wonderful dogs.   Pups will be due around Valentines Day 2018001